Charter Reimbursement

Guidelines for Charter Reimbursement


Use up to $500 in flex money ($125 x 4 core classes) to spend at a partner co-op. That includes ANYTHING the co-op charges money for (commonwealth fee, tuition, etc.) You pay the co-op, send in the receipt to Harmony and get reimbursed. Much simpler than creating flex courses and sending in all the receipts. (If you don’t spend it all, you can use the rest on flex courses.) Your core courses are taken at the co-op (or self-study at home.)


Register with MyTechHigh with either a “Custom-built” class (for a $150 reimbursement) OR a “3rd-party” class ($300 reimbursement), depending on which is the most beneficial financially. You may register for more than one class, but the ASA class subject area must match the MyTechHigh class you register for.

  • “Custom-built” classes allow for more flexibility, so if the ASA class tuition is LESS than $150, choose this option to allow you to spend the rest of your reimbursement money on other expenses.
  • “3rd-party” classes provide more reimbursement money, so choose this option if the ASA class tuition is MORE than $150. However, if you register as a “3rd-party” class, you may not submit your book receipts as part of your tution. (Although you can submit your book receipts under your Technology Allowance.)

Your “Family Fee” may be submitted under your “Custom-built” class or your Technology Allowance.