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ASA Mentor Meetings & Training

ASA Mentors are encouraged to receive as much inspiring training as possible. Trained mentors provide high quality classes and inspiration for their students. Training can include but is not limited to LEMI training, Vanguard Youth training, a college degree, ASA board-trained, self-study, and occupational skills.

personinshadowMentors attend regular meetings called by the Principle Mentor during the year. At these meetings mentors can themselves be inspired, supported, and motivated. See the calendar for specific dates.

“Mentoring is a fundamental form of development where one person invests time, energy, and personal knowledge in assisting another person to grow and learn.”

Mentors who are passionate about their field of interest and have charity towards their students will have the greatest impact on youth.

See calendar for current dates and times for this year’s Mentor Meetings.

“I do not believe we accomplish very much in life unless we are enthusiastic, unless we are in earnest, and unless we practice what we preach.” — Heber J. Grant

A mentor is simply someone who is at least one step ahead on the path that the student desires to be on!

Click here to download the Mentor Training Packet for 2017-18.

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