Scholar Society

Scholar Society: Core Leadership Youth Mentors

Mentors: Molly Christensen, LaRayne Miller,

Time:  8:45 to 9:25 (Every other week on Alpine School District A day)

Description: Are you ready to step up and lead? We are looking for committed, enthusiastic student mentors to guide teams in accomplishing their goals through core leadership class this year! This isn’t for everyone, but it will be a fantastic opportunity for those youth ready to lead.

In addition to 5 monthly FUN and INSPIRATIONAL summer mentor training meetings, you’ll also get to go through a 5 week goal-achieving simulator this summer to practice what you will be leading in Core in the fall. Don’t worry, the goal simulator doesn’t take a lot of extra time, but it does take some extra focus on your part. You’ll love it! And you’ll love what you’ll accomplish!

Do you feel a call to intensify your scholarship? To enlarge your capacity? To grow your abilities? Are you ready to commit to a higher level of awesomeness and prepare yourself with greater capacity to serve and mentor the youth at ASA? Then the ASA Scholar Society is for YOU!

You’re Mentor Training looks like this:
* 5 summer training meetings (food, fun, inspiration!)
* 3 summer reading and writing assignments
* 5-week summer goal-simulator

Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be ready to:
* Mentor and inspire a team of ASA youth in Core Leadership class each week throughout the school year. You will be their guide to accomplishing their BIG GOALS!
* You’ll also be helping lead simulations and inspirational activities at the ASA Vision Retreat and Winter Retreat.

Level: Master
Depth or Breadth? Depth
Ages: 14 and up

Tuition: $25 summer (earned by the student scholar), $25 fall semester, $25 winter semester

Prerequisites: Submit a Scholar Society Application.

Earn all the summer tuition ($25) yourself and bring it in person to our first meeting.

Commit to completing the 3 reading/ writing assignments over the summer training as well as participate in the 5 training meetings and the 5-week goal simulator.

Register for and attend Core Leadership class.



  • 3 scholarly readings and corresponding writing assignments
  • 5 training meetings during the months of May through September (we’ll find dates that all can best attend)
  • Participation in a 5 week goal-achieving simulator
  • Preparation for teaching & mentoring during the school year
  • Preparation for leading simulations and activities at the Vision Retreat.


  • Preparation for and execution of teaching & mentoring in Core Leadership, including: weekly mentoring sessions with your Core Leadership team in class and accountability follow-through with your team through the week.
  • Provide inspiration and support for your team each week in accomplishing their goals.
  • Preparation for leading simulations and activities at the Winter Retreat.
  • Plan on at least an hour a week to fulfill these responsibilities through the summer and the school year.

Notes: Our summer meetings will cost a $25 tuition that must be earned and paid for by the student on our first meeting of the summer. This demonstrates commitment and responsibility.

Note: Students who register for Scholar Society must also register for Core Leadership.