Write the World

Write the World: Research and Writing

Mentors: ToriAnn Perkey, Suzanne Evans

Time: 10:30 to 12:25 (Winter Semester only)

Description: Research and writing is an essential skill to master as you continue in your scholarly pursuits. In this class, using your own research topic (a world of possibilities), you will learn how to research and write a full-length, college-level paper. Finding valid sources (online and offline), note taking, citations, avoiding plagiarism, outlining, and rewriting will be covered.

Level: Master
Depth or Breadth? Depth
Ages: 14 and up

Tuition: $45

Prerequisites: Prior essay writing experience and teacher approval required. 

Materials Required: Each student must have access to the following:
* a laptop they can bring to class to do research (not every but most weeks)
* a library card

Homework: Homework will be five to seven hours a week. At the beginning of the semester, we will spend time on research and note-taking skills. Later in the semester, the bulk of the homework will be researching and writing on the topic you choose. Homework time will depend on how fast you read, the speed at which you can find and assimilate information, and how quickly you write.

Notes: Class time will be provided for you to work on research and to receive feedback on your writing. You must have consistent access to a laptop during class to take advantage of this time.

As a master level student, you will also be required to have a writing mentor (not a parent or older sibling) who can review and comment on your research paper (drafts and final).