Cracking the ACT

Test taking is a skill! In this class you’ll earn the skills and tricks you need to score well on the ACT.

You’ll start by taking a practice exam in the same environment as the actual ACT to get a baseline score. For homework, you’ll complete practice questions in each of the 4 ACT areas, and then we’ll go over which ones you missed in class. Over the course of the year, you’ll start to find patterns in questions and learn how you can go faster and answer more confidently. You’ll also learn overall test taking strategies that will improve your score immediately.

At the end of the year, you’ll take a second practice ACT to see how you improved over the course of the year. You can also sign up to take it at your local school your junior year and on the ACT website.

Save the Date: A practice ACT test will be administered for Friday, August 27 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm so that you can have a baseline score to work with during the class. The test will be given exactly like the regular ACT, including start time, breaks, test order, and seating. The location will be announced after registration.

Please save the date and make every effort to attend. We have found that having this practice experience is vital to helping you catch the vision of the full ACT experience and makes it easier to want to study for the ACT.

If you have a conflict, you will need to recreate your own testing environment and take the test on your own before the first class period.

NOTE: This class is every other week and approximately follows Alpine School District’s A-day schedule. However, there are a few days that fall on a B day, which are noted below.

FALL Semester
Sept 9
Sept 23
Oct 7
Oct 28
Nov 11

WINTER Semester
Feb 10 - B Day Switch
Feb 24
Mar 10 - B Day Switch
Mar 24
April 14
April 28

A ‘Day Switch’ means it's a day that's SUPPOSED to be a particular day on the Alpine School District calendar, but that we are treating it as the opposite day. So Cracking the ACT will usually be on Alpine School District A days, but sometimes their schedule has 2 A days or 2 B days together because of holidays, and It throws off the schedule. So the ‘Day Switch’ days are days that are on the Alpine School District Calendar as an ‘B’ day but we are going to treat it like an A day.





ToriAnn Perkey 
Angela Silva

Kathy Bekker (Winter Semester only)


Depth or Breadth? 


Fall Semester


Winter Semester




Materials Required



2+ hrs every week (answering test questions + any additional studying/test taking you want to do on your own)


It would be helpful to work on math (especially Algebra) over the summer, if you have not yet learned it.

Books Students Provide

Title: None
Own or share with sibling?