Coder World: Learn to Code

Project based learning. You will build and host your own website in the cloud, learn to collaborate with other developers online, and we will learn the fundamentals of programming by writing a small video game. You will be encouraged to build your online coding presence by sharing on social media what you are learning in class.

Coding Tools: Terminal, vscode, Git & GitHub, SourceTree, DBeaver and more

Coding Services: Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Stack Overflow and more

Coding Languages: JavaScript, HTML and SQL and more

As part of the class, each student will purchase a domain name in class and sign up for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. This requires a credit card number and has a monthly cost (will probably be about $0.25/month based on what they will do in class.) 





Joseph Lee Hunsaker 

Tepoerava Ka’aumoana

All levels

Depth or Breadth? 


Fall Semester


Winter Semester



Be able to type.

Materials Required

Laptop Computer (Mac [preferred], Windows, or Linux) NOTE: NOT Chromebook

Credit card they can use to sign up for AWS.


4 to 20 hours a week. Depending on how many projects you want to complete. They are your projects and will be online for posterity 🙂


If you take this class, I assume you want to change the world. Software is everywhere. If you control the software, you control the world. Trust me, building software gives you a very powerful feeling. Technology is shaping our world like never before. Come be a part of it. 

Books Students Provide

Title: N/A
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