“A fundamental principle of Georgics is that our freedom is tied to the land. When we are able to provide for ourselves, bless our community, work with our neighbors, etc., we are free. If we require someone else to provide our food, shelter, water and more, we have lost much (and are in danger of losing all) of our liberty.” – by Diannalynn Claridge

Georgics is full of simulations, activities, projects, and field experience. The book reading is meaningful, full of insights and opportunity for personal reflection and growth.

In this class we will learn about living some of the principles of Georgics, which include: – Providence – Mission – Self-Validation – Ownership – Community Stewardship – Local Interdependence – Entrepreneurialism

10:15 - 12:15


12 - 18


Head Mentor
Linda Knudsen

Assistant Mentor

Anna Gilmore

All Levels

Depth or Breadth? 

Fall Semester


Winter Semester



Weekly time in nature alone with journal entry, reading, presentation prep, weekly mini-papers, a “growing” project and movie.

An estimated amount of time each week for homework would be 30-60 minutes (depending how in depth a student wants to go). This does NOT include the reading which depends on the student’s ability.


An overnight field trip will be included. It will be a “pioneer” experience and will include a service project, guest speaker, activities, and the Harvest Dinner. This is the big end of semester reward for those who accomplish all the objectives/goals.

Books Students Provide

Title: One Day in the Woods
Required: Yes
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Title: Farmer Boy
Required: yes
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Title: Up from Slavery
Required: yes
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Title: The Keeper of Bees
Required: yes
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