birchtreesVision Statement

The vision of Aspire Scholar Academy is to continuously provide educational experiences for the youth of our homeschool community in the areas of character and leadership using an agency-based philosophy. The mission, principles, and other details defined in the Bylaws will be upheld with integrity and zeal.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an inspiring, positive, learning environment and community for parents and  youth who will become leaders who know who they are, who discover their mission in life, who learn the skills needed to accomplish their mission, and who will go forward with ability and passion to achieve their mission.

Founding Literature and Resources

Here are some great books and resources that have inspired our vision and become foundational to the principles of Aspire Scholar Academy. (Includes some affiliate links.)

ASA Board and Committees

Executive Board

Chairman: Angela Silva
Administrative Vice Chair: ToriAnn Perkey
Parent Representative: Kathy Bekker
Secretary: Erin Tullis

Advisory Board

Principle Mentors: LaRayne Miller and Molly Christensen
Treasurer: Brenda LaMont
Registrar: Rebecca Hodges
Webmaster: Shalona Barney
Facilities Representative: Kamille Olsen
Events Coordinator: Chevy Peas
Service Trip Coordinator: Rebecca Hodges

Event Committee

The event committee is run by the Event Coordinators and is made up of parents of ASA students. The event committee helps plan and run parties, fieldtrips, retreats, and other one-time experiences for ASA students.

Facilities Committee

The facilities committee is run by the Facilities Coordinator and is made up of parents of ASA students. The facilities committee helps clean and maintain the Miller’s barn and property. They also help with other facility related assignments given by the Facilities Coordinator.

ASA Bylaws

Read the bylaws for Aspire Scholar Academy.