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What is Aspire Scholar Academy?

Aspire Scholar Academy is a community of families dedicated to developing

  • Christ-like Character,
  • Excellence in Scholarship,
  • Friendships that Build,
  • and Vision to Act in Righteousness.

What do we do?

We accomplish this through

  • weekly scholar classes that focus on true principles,
  • vision retreats and service trips,
  • S.P.A.R.K. nights and parent colloquiums,
  • student leadership,
  • and learning levels based on agency that provide accountability.

We recognize the genius in all students by offering classes in all four lenses through which we see the world (liberty/government, math/science, literary/creative arts, and geography/history), making connections and seeing that all truth fits into one great whole. We are assisting and supporting one another in our journey of acquiring knowledge, acting in understanding, and becoming intelligent.

I often worried how my teens would be pushed academically and how they’d have the friend base that teens naturally desire. ASA has met those needs. My kids love their friendships at ASA and they are gently pushed academically. My teens and I couldn’t be happier. — Brenda L.


ASA offers inspiring classes for students ages 12 to 18.

For students just starting on their scholar journey, we offer classes that ignite their excitement to learn and help them adjust to having homework and consistent assignments.

For older students, we provide an academically rigorous environment that invites students to stretch their scholar skills as they dig into increasingly difficult material.

A Volunteer Organization

ASA is a homeschool commonwealth completely run by volunteer moms and dads. In order to participate in ASA, each family contributes in one of the following ways:

I was specifically looking for an uplifting, inspiring, academically challenging, youth only commonwealth for my children as they transition into their scholar years. ASA has really met and exceeded all expectations. The classes are taught by teachers who know their subject matter well and who really care about the youth here. The youth are, on the whole, delightful to be around. They have retreats and evening activities about once a month that help build relationships and encourage the youth in wholesome and engaging opportunities. — Shelly R.

Events & Activities

Throughout the year, Aspire Scholar Academy sponsors a variety of events and activities for students and their families.

For Students

  • Fall and Winter Retreats set the tone for the year 
  • Monthly activities help students connect socially
  • Spirit activities during lunch keep the fun alive all year long
  • Weekly scholarly classes that inspire and engage

For Families

  • End of the Year Banquet celebrates students' achievements and successes
  • Annual humanitarian trips to different locations throughout the world

For Parents

  • SPARK Nights with engaging speakers on a range of topics
  • Mentor Trainings that teach valuable teaching skills for the classroom and home
  • Park Day Colloquiums for moms to connect and discuss 


Aspire Scholar Academy meets on Thursdays in South Provo at the 7th Day Adventist Church.

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