Before You Register

All of the following must be completed before a student's enrollment is confirmed.

Fill out the "Interested in Joining ASA" form.

On this form, you will choose to officially join our waitlist to be accepted. Our Parent Representative Vice-Chair will contact you when a spot is open for your family to register at ASA.

(Once a spot is available to your family, you can move to step 2.)

Read through ASA's policies.

Pay the Family & Per-Student Fee.

Your Family Fee & Per-Student Fee is a pre-requisite to register for classes. (NOTE: Both fees are due during the reservation period in the spring.) Click here for more details.

  • Family Fee - $100/family
  • Per-Student Fee - $30/student (for each student attending ASA)

Volunteer to serve at ASA.

(If you aren't already serving in some way, please click here to contact our Parent Representative Vice Chair.

Join our communication systems!

Click HERE to join Slack. 

Join the email group - our other main way of communication. (You MUST join or you won't know what's going on!)

(If you haven't already joined, fill out this form for each member of your family involved with ASA (parents AND students). You will receive an email invite to join the group(s).

Registration Tutorial

Please watch the following tutorial before you register.

Go to Our Registration Site

Click the arrow below to register for classes. Please watch the registration tutorial above before registering to make sure you understand the registration process.

We STRONGLY recommend you register using a laptop/desktop. (Phones tend to not work as well with our registration system.)

Registration Dates

Fall 2022

Aug 11-15


Sept 15

Add/Drop Deadline

Sept 19

Fall Tuition Due

Winter 2023

Jan 5-9


Feb 9

Add/Drop Deadline

Feb 13

Winter Tuition Due

Additional Registration Information

You will know your registration is complete when you receive a confirmation email with your classes and the amount you have paid or the balance that is due.

If a class you want is full, you will be placed on the waitlist for that class, and we will let you know if a spot becomes available.

If you wish to pay your tuition by check rather than online, please make out your check and mail to:

Aspire Scholar Academy
1682 North 740 East
Mapleton, UT 84664

Payment Plans are available.
Please request a payment plan if you are unable to pay in full by the first day of class.