Vision & Mission


Aspire Scholar Academy is committed to partnering with families to create an inspiring and rigorous educational environment for 12 to 18-year-old students. We strive to build an uplifting learning community that fosters unity, while encouraging mentors and students to appreciate and embrace the unique contributions of each individual. In this environment, students gain leadership qualities such as confidence, compassion, and integrity. We believe parent involvement is integral to the success of ASA and our students, and we rely on the valuable contributions of all our parents for mentoring and administrative support. As students choose to engage in meaningful scholarly pursuits, we empower them to grow academically, socially, and emotionally as they strive to develop Christ-like character.


The mission of Aspire Scholar Academy (ASA) is to empower families to build and strengthen an educational community where parents partner together to mentor our students.

Current Leadership

Board of Directors (BOD)

Oversees the administration and governance of ASA, including leading the mission and vision.
  • Amy Robinson
  • Angela Silva
  • Julie Ward
  • Kathy Bekker
  • Krystal Swan
  • Shalona Barney
  • ToriAnn Perkey

Mentor Support Committee (MSC)

Supports mentors to meet the needs of their students and feel satisfied in their work.
  • Anna Mock
  • Jennifer Edgecomb 
  • ToriAnn Perkey
  • Vanessa Stanfill

Family Support Committee (FSC)

Helps with needs and concerns of families, connects with and mentors new parents, including prospective parents.
  • Heather Nelson
  • Jenni McVey
  • Krystal Swan
  • Kristin Savage
  • Mara Holloman

Activities Committee

Responsible for student council, plans and carries out student activities.
  • Amy Robinson
  • Chad Rasmussen
  • Danielle Bruening
  • Kenni Wilcox
  • Mindy Henry
  • Mindy Jeppeson
  • Paivi Lewis
  • Stephanie Buck
  • Viviana Alonso

Facilities Committee

Oversees the system for weekly facility set up and clean up, as well as overseeing different aspects related to facilities.
  • Cassie Young
  • Brenda LaMont
  • BreAna Alexander
  • Kathy Bekker
  • Lisa Underwood 
  • Tepoe Kaaumoana

Financial Committee

Oversees the funding and spending of our non-profit organization.
  • Angela Silva
  • Misty Yesslith
  • Rebecca Hodges
  • Shalona Barney

Tech Committee

Responsible for the technology that supports the organization at ASA and ensures that the information is organized online in ways that are accessible to the members.
  • Julie Ward
  • Rebecca Walker
  • Rebecca Hodges

Founding Literature & Resources

Here are some great books and resources that have inspired our vision and become foundational to the principles of Aspire Scholar Academy. (Includes some affiliate links.)