Student Council: Activities Committee and Yearbook Committee

Any student can join the Student Council! As members of Student Council, students are invited to learn Leadership, Unity, Responsibility, and Planning skills, all with the goal of creating a culture of excellence at ASA.

Student Council members can choose between an Activity Committee and Yearbook Committee.

The Activities Committee will create and execute monthly activities for all of ASA. Through these activities we will have fun and strengthen friendships. Activities Committee members will be in a group with a mentor, and each group will be responsible to plan and carry out at least one Activity and one ASA Spirit Day each semester.  

The Yearbook Committee will create the latest ASA yearbook! The Yearbook Committee will be learning photography, design, and editing skills as we document and compile this year's history. Help give your fellow students a gift that will last a lifetime by encapsulating our best moments at ASA!

Soon after registration, we will contact members of the Student Council to find out if you would like to be on the Activities Committee or the Yearbook Committee.  

This class will meet 8:45-9:45 every other week** (we do not meet every Thursday-- see schedule below).

Fall Semester Class Schedule -- ASA Student Council Class Days
B DAYS - Student Council
Sept 2 - A Day Switch
Sept 16
Sept 30
Oct 21
Nov 4
Nov 18

WINTER Semester-- ASA Student Council Class Days
B Days - Student Council
Feb 3 - A Day Switch
Feb 17 - A Day Switch
Mar 3
Mar 17
Mar 31
April 21

A ‘Day Switch’ means it's a day that's SUPPOSED to be a particular day on the Alpine School District calendar, but that we are treating it as the opposite day. So Student Council will usually be on Alpine School District B days, but sometimes their schedule has 2 A days or 2 B days together because of holidays, and It throws off the schedule. So the ‘Day Switch’ days are days that are on the Alpine School District Calendar as an ‘A’ day but we are going to treat it like a B day.

**YEARBOOK -- Those who are on the Yearbook committee may meet more often during Winter semester. This will help us meet the yearbook deadline so it can be finished by the end of the year. 






Amy Robinson 
Danielle Bruening

Viviana Alonso

Meghan Stubbs

All levels

Depth or Breadth? 


Fall Semester


Winter Semester




Materials Required



Member of the Activities Committee will have the opportunity to plan and carry out activities. This may require some time outside of class. The amount of time will vary depending on the activity that we are planning. Each student will also be expected to fully participate in the effort of carrying out the activities, which may include set-up and clean-up. 

Members of the Yearbook Committee will be responsible for taking pictures at activities and sometimes during school days. They will assist with creating and editing pages for the yearbook. This may be a little more time intensive during winter semester as we approach the yearbook deadline. 



Books Students Provide

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