Volunteering with ASA

One parent from each family must actively serve in one of the following ways in order for a student to be accepted at ASA and register for classes.


Mentors develop and teach the classes at ASA. The main qualification to be a mentor is that you love your students and are passionate about the topic you are teaching.

All classes have at least two mentors, and new mentors are paired with someone who has more experience to learn how ASA classes are structured and taught.

Mentors teach each Thursday throughout the school year.


Under the direction of the Activities Chair, the Activities Board creates exciting opportunities for the students at ASA to socialize and have fun together.

Some of the events held throughout the year are: the Fall Vision Retreat, the Winter Retreat, the End of Year Banquet and Ball, S.P.A.R.K. Nights, and other parties, field trips, and one-time experiences for ASA students.


The building gets a lot of wear and tear!

Coordinated by the Facilities Chair, the Facilities Board helps oversee the cleaning and upkeep of the building used for ASA classes and events–most of which is done by the students. They also help with other facility related assignments given by the Facilities Chair.

MAC Mentor

MAC (Mentor-Assisted Childcare) help care for the children of mentors while they are teaching an ASA class. Childcare mentors prepare age appropriate activities and snacks for the children.

Childcare is only provided for mentors during the hour that they are teaching.