Student Council

StudentCouncilASA Student Council

Mentors: LaRayne Miller, TBA

Day: Thursday
Time: 8:00 to 9:15
Location: Miller’s Barn

Description: Student Council is open for all students to join! We will have committees and leadership positions to give you REAL leadership experience, a chance to help build a CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE at ASA, and give service to your friends and the community. But most of all, it will be a lot of FUN! You will help plan activities, solve problems, collaborate with your friends and leaders, and have a chance to really make a difference. You will be mentored in what it means to be a leader, practice leadership skills, and will be given opportunity to lead out. If you care about ASA, if you want to help it grow and prosper as a place of scholarship, excellence, friendship, and fun, YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN US!

Some skills you will learn are:
*conducting a meeting using an agenda
*Christ-like leadership
*how to inspire others
*how to overcome procrastination
*the power of leading by example
*habits of leadership
*organizing strategies for leadership

All students at all levels are invited to be on the Student Council serving on various committees, such as:

ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE – Help plan and carry out activities with ASA Events Coordinator, including retreats, game nights, movie nights, and outdoor adventures.

VISION KEEPERS – Protect and encourage ASA’s Vision of Excellence in Scholarship and Character by posting inspirational posters, messages, and campaigns to inspire and motivate ASA students. Plan and carry out service projects for ASA and in the community.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE – create and publish the yearbook, write articles and take photos for the monthly ASA newsletter, create and keep active an ASA blog or Facebook page.

Through an application process, Level 2 Journeyman and Level 3 Master students will have the opportunity to run for elected leadership positions:
*Student Council Chairman (will lead Activities Committee and conduct Core Leadership class)
*Student Council Co-Chairman over Vision
*Student Council Co-Chairman over Communications

Levels: All levels
Ages: 12 to 18

Tuition: $20

Prerequisites: Understand and feel committed to ASA’s Vision of being a place of excellence in scholarship and character and a place for fun and friendship for everyone. Must have a desire to serve, work hard, and follow through on responsibilities. We will be counting on you!

Materials Needed: Enthusiasm!

Homework: Students could spend about oneĀ  hour a week fulfilling responsibilities. This could vary depending on what activities or events are currently happening with ASA. The Student Council Chairman and Co-Chairmen will have more responsibility and a greater time commitment.

IMPORTANT: If students want to take Student Council and take seminary first period, they should register for B DAY SEMINARY. This class is held on days which are opposite days of B day Seminary for Alpine School District.

Student Council meeting dates:

Aug. 21
Sept. 11, and 25
Oct. 9 and 30
Nov. 13
Dec. 4 and 18
Jan. 22
Feb. 5 and 26
March 19
April 2 and 23
May 7

Books: None