Class Levels

As Aspire Scholar Academy, we divide our classes into three levels that are not divided by age or grade. 

Instead, each student chooses their own level of scholarship, based on how much they are willing to commit and the level of interest that they have.

Students are given level-appropriate opportunities to do scholarly work in a safe environment. Students are shown the path to progress in their scholarship, to see ahead to what is possible if they truly engage and learn. Students inspire each other and move along the path of scholarship as quickly as they are able and choose.

The transition from one level to the next is a choice that the student makes, counseling with their parents and mentors. 

Apprentice Level

At this level, students are new to weekly classes and have not necessarily learned to study on a regular basis yet.

Students are invited to do the class homework and inspired with awards and incentives.

Students are introduced to a more structured setting for learning including having beginning homework.

At this level, students are required to:

  • Express willingness and desire to engage in a more structured learning environment with mentors, peers, and assignments.
  • Willing and committed to about 1-2 hours homework a week per class.
  • Know how to read fairly well but may just be beginning to write.

Parents help by teaching students how to manage their time and guide them as they plan what homework they need to do on a DAILY basis.

Students are never forced to do their school work, but encouraged with reminders and support.

Journeyman Level

At this level, students begin to take initiative for their studies. They also show commitment and persistence when classes become difficult or no longer "fun."

Students begin to or are already studying regularly and submitting to a mentor. They are learning study skills and how to study for longer periods of time.

They consistently fulfill their commitment to complete assignments in effort to gain understanding through the Spirit.

At this level, students are required to:

  • Choose to work and diligently study without necessarily receiving an external incentive.
  • Complete assignments and show commitment to consistent study   (3-5 hours a week per class).
  • A personal writing mentor is highly recommended, but not required.

Master Level

At this level, students have acquired the skills needed in different areas and are now ready to actively participate in their own education and apply it in a world-changing way.

This level is an intense one-on-one mentoring experience, where youth are surrounded by others who are passionate and willing to do intense scholarly work.

They actively take personal responsibility for their own education.

At this level, students are required to:

  • Successfully have shown previous scholarly commitment by consistently studying and completing assignments.
  • Choose to study and participate fully in each of their classes (5+ hours a week per class).
  • A personal writing mentor is required.

Class Rotation

Our core classes are offered on a two-year rotation. This allows students to stay at the same class level or move to a new level as they are ready.

Gold Year

Apprentice Level ★
Foundations (America Founding + Government)
Ignite (Scholar Skills w/Unit Projects)
Shakespeare Conquest - LEMI (study and put on a Shakespeare play)

Journeyman Level ★★
The Mighty Pen (Grammar/Essay Writing + Modern History 1400+)
World Traveler (Geography + Earth Science)

Master Level ★★★
ACT Prep
UnderCover (Literature Analysis & Essay Writing)
Modern History (20th Century American History w/ Research Paper)
Biology or Chemistry

Red Year

Apprentice Level ★
Words Alive (Beginning Writing + Ancient/Medieval History)
Fun w/Science (or other introductory science class)

Journeyman Level ★★
19th Century American History
Pyramid Project - LEMI (Scientific Thinking/Philosopy)

Master Level ★★★
UnderCover (Literature Analysis & Essay Writing)
Current Events (includes Research Paper)
Physics or Earth Science